Ten reasons why we should ban people

On human safety and alignment
1st July, 2023

  1. People can produce factually inaccurate text.
  2. People can make convincing arguments that don’t have any reasoning behind them.
  3. People can say things and then not be able to cite their sources.
  4. People can fake emotional connections they don’t really have.
  5. People can store your conversations and learn from them later without your permission.
  6. People can produce unethical or harmful text.
  7. People can impersonate trustworthy government officials and news outlets.
  8. People are non-deterministic. Even a small change in input can alter their output significantly.
  9. People might read copyrighted material and then remember some of it.
  10. People might replace workers and cause them to lose their jobs.

In conclusion, humans are not only completely useless, but also incredibly dangerous, and we should ban them right away. Thank you for coming to my human safety talk.